City Gets Rid of Free-Speech Zone at Vets Park After Row Over Cross, Satanic Monuments

Belle Paine Vetereans Memorial ParkThe Belle Plaine, Minnesota, City Council responded Monday night to the large protests against a planned Satanic memorial at the local Veterans Memorial Park, by deciding to eliminate the Free Speech Zone that offered room for different religious monuments.

“The original intent of providing the public space was to recognize those who have bravely contributed to defending our nation through their military service. In recent weeks and months, though, that intent has been overshadowed by freedom of speech concerns expressed by both religious and non-religious communities,” Belle Plaine city officials said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The debate between those communities has drawn significant regional and national attention to our city, and has promoted divisiveness among our own residents.”

Shakopee Valley News reported that religious monuments will no longer be allowed at the memorial park. This includes “Joe,” the statue of a soldier kneeling at a grave marked by a cross, and the “bowl of wisdom” inverted pentagrams monument that had been planned by the Massachusetts-based Satanic Temple.  READ MORE….



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